Modern 609m2 house with 4.5kW photovoltaics, solar hot water, wetback powering energy efficient appliances. Come and see!

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Who Else Wants To Get Unbiased Indepth Info On How To Radically Reduce YOUR Power / Heating Bill Using Solar Energy & Energy Efficient Appliances All Available Here In Auckland, New Zealand?

The suburban house and office built at 19 Manapau Street Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand has been designed in a contemporary style, by Kristina and Simon Cope.


We wanted a house and attached office space that was 'timeless' in it's style, practical to live in and maintain, and use near zero external sources of conventional fuel/energy to provide electricity, and heating.


We have achieved these goals by using readily available, proven products / design services - typically available anywhere in the western world:

Installation of solar electricity modules (photovoltaics) on the roof to generate adequate power to run all of the modern appliances in the house and office.


Installation of solar hot-water panels on the roof to provide all year round supply of hot water for heating and cooking / washing purposes.


Installation of radiator system throughout the house / office areas to evenly distribute and control the temperature in separate rooms.


Insulation pads (polyester fibre) installed in all wall (including internal) ceiling and floor areas to provide both thermal barrier and sound dampening properties.


Custom made heated towel rails that have hot water circulated through them to enable us to have warm and 'yummy' towels to dry ourselves with, and our washed clothes in the bathrooms and laundry areas.


Snaking 3/8 copper pipe with hotwater flowing in them under the tile floors in the bathrooms to ensure the tiles are warm and toasty in winter underfoot.


Use of a grid-intertie inverter to export the excess electricity generated onsite (i.e. electricity not used immediately by the house at that time) during the day out to other consumers in Auckland to use by spinning our utility/power company meter backwards - thus giving us a credit - and then when we use more than we are making, or at night time, draw off the national grid and spin the meter back in the 'normal' direction...No batteries, no hassles, nothing complicated :-)


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How We Got Started...

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We turned this freezing cold 100m2 ex-state house into...

Original_house_Northside LineDrawingOfFinishedHouse680 The KEY to having a low power bill (apart from personal discipline) is using the most energy efficient appliances available on the market... Oodles of FREE hotwater from the sun, wetback & boiler flowing thru radiators, underfloor, heated towel rails in Meadowbank, Auckland 4kW PV array on the roof of our house providing all the power needs for our home and business requirements!

Learn through a guided tour with extensive notes on how Simon & Kristina Cope created a 609m2 house that uses $50 worth of electricity a month in Auckland!

Into a toasty warm 609m2 house that generates it's own electricity, it's own heating (water & space heating), collects it's own water & amply supplies this to 3 adults & 2 female tweenies all for $50 dollars a month! Click here to learn how we did it - all in the suburbs of Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand...



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Put in the highest R value insulation in ALL the walls, under the floor & in the ceiling in your premises - cheap to do it when building!

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The Solar Energy House in Meadowbank, Auckland has involved a large number of professionals and companies to make it happen. We wish to thank: Andrew Day Design, Autex Industries, Breeze Furniture, Energy Online, Mercury Energy, Genesis Power, Rockgas, John & Kathy Beavon of Solar Hot Water, John Austin of JASMAX, Shaun Waddell of Marley Products, Barry Hillis, Carl Emerson of FreePower, Mark Ayre, Bruce Page of Independent Power, Breeze Furniture, Rinnai NZ, Nick Schofield of Synergex Systems,

What have independent 3rd parties had to say about Simon Cope & renewable energy? Read & watch videos to prove to yourself you are talking to the real deal! Heating your home is important. Using the sun is GREAT - but what do you do in winter? Click here to learn more now It rains alot in Auckland. How can we make use of it locally? Learn the process we went thru to make it easier for you :-) Kristina & Simon Cope promise to provide you with up-front & honest information about solar renewable sustainable living - with our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Designing & planning the solar energy home in Auckland drew upon the expertise of many people & their companies products & services. Learn more about these companies by clicking here now Who is Kristina & Simon Cope, and why should you listen to their advice about living sustainably or anything to do with solar renewable energy? Click here to learn more HouseJuly2010_small simonandkristina