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Kristina and Simon Cope's Philosophy...

Yep! Here is where the big sales pitch with over-the-top statements like "we really care" is inflicted upon you the reader.


Just kidding!!


Seriously, there is no hidden agenda with this website and the information that it contains. Kristina and I - Simon Cope are in the very fortunate position where we have a lot of knowledge in the area of energy saving, generating your own electricity and heat using the sun, water collection & reticulation, designing the house correctly etc to maximise that energy etc.


We want to share that information with you - so you too can minimise your electricity bill, maximise the warmth in your home, and generally have a more comfortable lifestyle - no matter where you live in the world. Yes, many of the techniques and ideas we offer are valid anywhere in the world - as long as the sun shines there - and why would you live where you live if it didn't have sun for some part of the year :-)


Yes, we encourage you to come and visit our home and have a formal tour of the solar energy house here in Meadowbank, Auckland.


Yes, we occasionally consult on the information provided if you want to go into more depth on the practicalities of making solar made easy for your premises (domestic or commerical).


Yes, we call in the experts when it is over our heads!


Yes, these experts are the best in Auckland and Wellington (cannot vouch for the whole of New Zealand without getting into hotwater! as there are many great business associates in this industry throughout NZ - we just couldn't employ / use all of them - it is only two houses we have built over the last 15 years!).


So have a good wander around the Solar Energy House site and if you want to know more then contact us.


Otherwise, if you would like to learn more about Kristina and Simon Cope, then click here, or if you want to come and visit us, discuss your building project, or simply come and see 'what makes us tick', then click here!


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