Modern 609m2 house with 4.5kW photovoltaics, solar hot water, wetback powering energy efficient appliances. Come and see!

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Appliances... They Are NOT Made Equal!

Phantom loads


Panasonic Bread Maker


Panasonic Microwave (clock / power consumption)


Compact Fluoro Lamps


Bosch Dishwasher


Gram Fridge


Elcold Freezer


LCD Computer Monitors


Simpson LPG stove




Heat ventilation system


Burglar Alarm (all external windows & doors wired, break glass sensors, fire/smoke sensors, panic button, Matrix Security etc)


Electric gate / camera system


SMA + Sunny BackUp system





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Star rating labels

Energy efficiency star rating labels can be found on fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, clothes dryers and air conditioners.


Washing machines and dish washers also have a water efficiency label.

The more stars the more efficient the appliance.


The star rating of any appliance on the market can be found at and


Are you wasting electricity?

When was the last time you used the clock on your microwave?

Lots of products consume standby energy even when we aren't actually using them, especially things turned off with a remote control.

About 10% of household electricity use is standby.

If there's no OFF button, turn appliances off at the power point.

Using power boards can make this easier.

Look for products that can be turned off or have the ENERGY STAR low standby label.

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