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Autex Insulation - Making Our Solar House Warm In Winter, Cool In Summer & Sound Proof All Year Round (Unless The Kids Are Really Screaming!)

To us, it was a simple choice to choose Autex Insulation as our preferred supplier of insulation for our solar powered house in Meadowbank, Auckland - it came down to  two things - great product at a great price - but more importantly - fantastic service!


From a product point of view, all of the other suppliers of insultation make great product - they all met the required specifications from thermal value ratings, to ease of use, environmental friendliness etc - however the difference for Kristina and I that stood out was their customer service (and their representatives).

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Thermal and acoustic insulation for any project!


Autex’s polyester insulation range includes the GreenStuf range of thermal insulation products and the QuietStuf range of acoustic insulation products.


Both come in a full range of sizes and thermal and acoustic ratings to suit most residential and commercial projects. Autex can also work with architects and specifiers to develop tailored solutions for specific projects.


GreenStuf and QuietStuf insulation products are currently exported to more than 20 countries, with new markets rapidly opening up around the world.


Thermally bonded with no chemical additives

Autex insulation products are made from 100% polyester fibre, bonded using heat instead of traditional chemical binders. Polyester is naturally resistant to fire, moisture, vermin, insects, mould and bacteria, eliminating the need for any chemical additives.


As well as being environmentally friendly, our polyester insulation material is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic and safe for anyone coming into contact with it.


Eco-friendly manufacture and recycling practices

A high percentage of the polyester fibre in GreenStuf and QuietStuf insulation products is made from recycled PET plastic, including plastic bottles and bags. GreenStuf and QuietStuf products are themselves fully recyclable at the end of their lives.

GreenStuf and QuietStuf products are manufactured using a low-energy production process, putting them among the most environmentally-friendly insulation solutions on the market.


Made to last a lifetime

GreenStuf and QuietStuf insulation products are exceptionally durable. They won’t slump, settle or disintegrate over time and are backed with a 50-year warranty.


Autex’s thermal and acoustic insulation is manufactured in New Zealand and Australia under strict ISO9001 quality control standards. GreenStuf and QuietStuf comply with or exceed all the specifications of the New Zealand and Australian Building Codes.

Click here to visit Autex Industries website to learn more, and contact a local representative near you. Otherwise, fill out the form below and an Autex representative will contact you.

So they don't YELL and scream all the time - in fact they hardly ever... but when they do Autex's product does the trick... now all I have to do is stop myself from yelling at them... cause nobody can hear me....


NOTE: If you do fill out a form your details will go to either us directly or to one of our trusted suppliers & consultants. (They will NOT rent, sell or give your details to any 3rd party).

Residential Guide

Click On The Big GREEN Button To Download Autex Insulations Residential Guide to give you ideas to make your home warm & snug!

BUT WAIT, there's more! Since we first used Autex's GreenStuf and SoundStuf in our house here in Auckland, they have also produced a range of extremely durable carpets and sound panels! And now that we are building a garage (yeah!) with dedicated pick, pack and storage area for our webstore; Products From New we will be using the carpet on the floor in the garage and packing areas. Now, I was a little skeptical about having carpet on the floor of a garage... but the durability of this product is to be seen to be believed! - the results are incredible! Instantly makes the space warmer, doesn't stain, easy clean, and makes this area into another play/fun area for the kids (no matter how old we are...).


In the peak of the house we are building a 'man cave' where I will one day set up a Home Theatre system - an area that can generate loud machine gun noises, shouting etc that the movie throws at the audience! But how to STOP that noise reverberating through the walls and floors into the other parts of the house... and this is where I look forward to using Autex Insulation's sound panel technology called QuietSpace. Comes in a variety of formats - I will probably use their 1.2 x 2.4 m sheets, cut them to size and adhere them to the west wall to block all noise out! Check out Autex Insulation website for more details on their Quietspace sound panels - this is the same product used in SkyCity / Hoyts movie theatres to stop sound transmission between theatres!