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I will be blogging interesting tips and hints, visits by clients and why they come to the Solar Energy House here in Meadowbank, Auckland etc. Please comment and join in!

By Simon Cope, Mar 26 2012 08:00PM

If you delve around the internet, and hang out with enough people who are interested in the renewable energy like I have over the last 27 years, you are going to meet all sorts of interesting people...

And there is a % of those people who believe you can get a free lunch (with no catches) via a FREE ENERGY GENERATOR...

And there are a number of them who live right here in Auckland, New Zealand... (I know of one who lives in Glendowie that I met 20+ years ago and he is STILL convinced it works and he hasn't been able to proof it to an independent and unbiased 3rd party in this time...

What I find interesting is these people get real paranoid as they delve into it more and more... you know the stuff - government conspirarcy theories and all that good stuff :-)

Anyway! I stumbled across this website (look but don't buy anything), and then stumbled upon their download page - where you can download the information (after paying)...

Here is the link to the information on how to make your own FREE Energy Generator / Machine - so you don't have to pay for it.

Is this dishonest for me to give you this link? Sort-of. Put it this way. Check it out and YOU decide whether it is honest or dishonest... especially after you look through their "simple instructions that anyone can follow to make the device"...

THEN go here:

which is a page on the internet that you will find very familiar... and then click here, which is a link on this same page to photos and drawings by a guy who attempted to make the HJ motor and FAILED...

So back to the question about dishonesty... I believe this website is a fraud/dishonest to sell information that is not correct... what do you reckon? Especially when you read the title on their book below: "How to make your own FREE Energy in 2 Hours Flat" Sounds like a Tui beer ad (Yeah Right!)

Love to hear from you!


Simon Cope -

How to make your own FREE energy in 2 hours flat.... (Yeah Right!)
How to make your own FREE energy in 2 hours flat.... (Yeah Right!)

By Simon Cope, Mar 6 2012 08:02AM

I have seen so many slick websites that will sell you for a really cheap price 'how to' simply make your own PV solar modules/panels... and I stumbled across their download pages (the page you are sent to after paying...)

So if you think making your own solar PV module is going to be easy... then check it out for free... I would love to hear from you afterwards if you actually attempt to make one/many :-)


Simon Cope based in Auckland, New Zealand

Make your own PV Solar Panels in the comfort of your own home...
Make your own PV Solar Panels in the comfort of your own home...

By Simon Cope, Feb 23 2012 06:42AM

I thought I would do some simple math on whether is it now worth it to put solar PV on a building in NZ (in particular Auckland).

So using the stats from my house: Simon & Kristina Cope’s house

Feb, 2012

• 70 modules @ 65 W each. ~ 4.55kW, made up of 4 separate arrays feeding into 2 separate SMA inverters with MPP modules.

• Based on 25c/kWh unit and average peak sunshine hours of 3.37 per day throughout the year, this produces ~$1400/year of electricity.

• 8 years ago same system cost $70,000, giving a payback of 50+ years with no interest.

• Today (2012) to purchase modules of equivalent output (but different technology), would cost ~$21,000, with a 15+ year payback.

If you had $21,000 cash to invest, you have a couple of choices - put money in the bank, or purchase solar PV modules.

- BANK: you would get ~4% ROI from ASB bank – i.e. ~$900 per annum…

- SOLAR PV: you would get a ROI of ~ 6% (excluding tax etc). i.e. $1400 per annum...

You could argue this is better than having the money in the bank…

• If you have to borrow the money, then you pay 6.9% on that money, so although this will cost you slightly more than what you are borrowing, you have two advantages… 1/ price of electricity is going UP (so ROI can only improve), and 2/ It will pay for itself within ~15 years – which is not bad.

Interested in learning more? Contact Simon and come on a tour of the Solar Energy House in Meadowbank, Auckland

By Simon Cope, Feb 23 2012 06:28AM

What a great day! Got power bill for $50.25 for last month's power usage (this is the power we used over and above what we produced (and consumed))... For example during the day we would typically consume a lot of the electricity we generate instantly. At night we then 'draw' from the power company and hence get a bill.

Separately, if we generate more (excess) electricity than we are currently using, then we get to sell that back to the power company.... (e.g. when we are away during the day which isn't that often cause we run two businesses from home...).

So the other great thing about today was I did a meter reading of what we have 'sold' to the power company (pushed back into the national grid so you can use it), and it was $288 dollars worth for the last 9 months :-)

i.e. the equalivalent of 6 months worth of extra electricity use by our house.

By Simon Cope, Sep 14 2011 06:18AM

Should be an exciting day to test my knowledge of solar electricity etc!

I have 26 electrical engineers from Singapore coming on a tour of the solar energy house here in Meadowbank, Auckland tomorrow to learn all about what I have been up to for the last 25+ years in the sustainable design market here in New Zealand!

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