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Got a cheque for $288 from our power company for excess electricity we made :-)

By Simon Cope, Feb 23 2012 06:28AM

What a great day! Got power bill for $50.25 for last month's power usage (this is the power we used over and above what we produced (and consumed))... For example during the day we would typically consume a lot of the electricity we generate instantly. At night we then 'draw' from the power company and hence get a bill.

Separately, if we generate more (excess) electricity than we are currently using, then we get to sell that back to the power company.... (e.g. when we are away during the day which isn't that often cause we run two businesses from home...).

So the other great thing about today was I did a meter reading of what we have 'sold' to the power company (pushed back into the national grid so you can use it), and it was $288 dollars worth for the last 9 months :-)

i.e. the equalivalent of 6 months worth of extra electricity use by our house.

Feb 23 2012 10:21AM by Emish Navdiwala

Hello Simon, it's really interesting and money saving concept. I knew this concept about using own generated electricity. But i never knew that we can sell it back to power company. As it's Summer you got $288 but i think you will get more in Winter, wont you? Right now more use of air conditioner etc but in Winter it will reduce drastically. It's not at all possible back in my country. I will put this concept infront of my peers in India also.
Thnaks a ton.

Feb 24 2012 07:35AM by Simon Cope

Hi Emish, no air conditioning in this house! The idea is to design the house in the first place so you don't need aircon. So unfortunately we will use more power in winter as will have more lights on in the house and sun not shining as much (remember we are in the land of the long white cloud... :-)
You should come around for a visit and get the tour.

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