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Welcome Solar Energy House blog


I will be blogging interesting tips and hints, visits by clients and why they come to the Solar Energy House here in Meadowbank, Auckland etc. Please comment and join in!

By Simon Cope, Jul 27 2011 06:09AM

Just had Michelle (the owner of the house) and Keld and his team from Hire-A-Hubby come through the solar energy house here in Meadowbank, Auckland for sound, practical and sound advice.

Michelle is looking to do a major renovation on her existing house (hence renovation Simon!) in the eastern suburbs of Auckland. Lots of glass (over heats in summer and freezing in winter), freezing basement - stinking hot upstairs...

She is looking to install water tank (like we have here) and then reticulate to water garden, flush toilets, laundry etc.

Also looking to heat hot water with solar panels in summer and boost heat with wetback... maybe even do underfloor heating with wetback.... all what we show and tell how here at the solar energy house in Meadowbank, Auckland. Book your tour today.

By guest, Jul 27 2011 05:56AM

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