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Contour Aluminium For Our Windows & Doors - Incl Double Glazing..

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The Problem:

With winter fast approaching, it is important for New Zealand families to be able to know that when they are in their homes on cold nights that they are going to be kept warm and healthy by the house that they live in. With the fire and heaters going, there would seem to be no reason to doubt that the house that provides their family shelter from the elements would do anything but keep their family warm and healthy. However, in many cases throughout New Zealand this is not the case.


There are a number of factors that don’t make the average New Zealand home warm and healthy and one factor is the windows that are in the house. Are yours manky? (Manky – peeling, draughty, condensating, rotting, looking horrible)


The Majority Of Houses In New Zealand Are Losing 10% Of All Heat Out Their Single Glazed Windows...

There are roughly 1.4 Million houses in New Zealand of which 3% are owned by Housing NZ and City Councils. Of these houses 564,000 of them were built in the pre 1970s. Why is this an issue? The issue is that the majority of these houses were built with timber window frames and single glazing. While timber is a great natural resource, it is susceptible to damage from the elements – sun and water.


Fast forward to 2009 and the picture starts to become clearer.  Houses from the 1970s that still have their original timber frame windows, are coming to the end of their life-cycle and effectiveness. The exposure of water (rain) and sunlight to these timber frames will in some cases, create mould and even rotting. Aesthetically, they are less appealing as the sun may have peeled the paint off over the years (unless the homeowner has been diligent and painted them regularly over the years).


With “older” houses that have been installed with single glazed glass. This means that there is one pane of glass keeping the homeowner’s family’s warm air from going outside and also stopping the cold air from outside coming in.



The Solution:

In New Zealand from 2007 new minimum insulation requirements

Are Your Windows Manky?

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As I explained earlier back in the 1980 and 90's here in New Zealand double glazing was unheard of and in 2000 when we looked to start stage one extension of the solar energy house here in Meadowbank, Auckland the cost was prohibitive!


When we started looking at aluminium joinery we found there is a lot of retail outlets selling them. What we found out is there is actually only 3 or so different NZ manufacturers who typically have 2-3 different profiles (shapes) of aluminium window frames. So our first quest was to find the shape or profile we liked! This was easier than you think. (Hint: They all look great), next is to find a company that listened to our needs and wants (not their needs), is professional, and backed by a responsive and leading edge manufacturer! (i.e. looking at ways to make double glazing more cost effective in New Zealand, AND provides a way to retro-fit single glazed windows with double glazing at cost effective prices!)


That was the hard job in Kristina and my opinion and it took us quite awhile to find and choose Contour Aluminium based in Auckland. (If you are outside of Auckland (eg in the Mainland), then you need to click here to find your local representative.



So Why Did We Choose Contour Aluminium As Our Supplier Of Aluminium Windows & Doors In the Solar Energy House?

It was simple really - they provided a professional quoting service, answered all of our questions promptly, were honest back in 2000 when we enquired about double glazing that it wasn't economically viable then as there was such a low demand here in New Zealand, and their prices were very fair. i.e. excellent customer service won again!


Contour Aluminium then proved how good they were when after about 6 months the door in our girls bedroom wouldn't close easily cause the house had moved slightly (settled). When one of their reps was next in the area he fixed it for us - with a smile, no cost.


So, if you are looking to retro-fit your wooden windows with aluminium joinery, or getting the benefits of double glazing over single glazing then we recommend you either fill out the form below and get Contour Aluminium to send you some more information, or you click here and send Sue at Contour an email. She will look after you! We promise.


Otherwise, if you would like to see our Contour Aluminium windows and doors; single and double glazing then book yourself for a tour of the Solar Energy House in Meadowbank, Auckland - ask us all those questions about your new home or renovation project you are working on!

Already Have Aluminium Windows?

If you have aluminium framed windows, a Retro-fit may be as simple as replacing the existing exterior glass beads with the manufacturer's double glazing beads.


Where that's not possible, Contour Aluminium and their partners Metro Glass use its own exclusive multi-fit double glazing retaining bead and where necessary fits new opening sashes. The new beads and sashes are powder-coated or anodised to closely match the colour of your existing window frame! To learn more fill out the form below.

Who Else Wants To Significantly Reduce The Amount Of Heat Escaping Out Their Single Glazed Windows (Save You $$),

Reduce The Outside Noise, Reduce Condensation Within The Home, Reduce UV Damage To Drapes & Fabrics,

Make The Home More Secure & Save The Planet All At The Same Time?

YES! You can retro-fit your current windows with double glazing at an affordable price with outstanding benefits to you in the short & longterm...

Aluminium Systems are the designer, powder-coater and supplier of the aluminium extrusions used in the manufacture of aluminium windows and doors. They supply to 55 aluminium joinery companies through out New Zealand who manufacture under either the Elite or Fairview brands. There are slight differences between the two suites.

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were introduced - If you’re building a new home, you will have to double-glaze your windows or use other thermal efficiency measures in most parts of New Zealand from mid-2008.


Good glazing systems insulate your windows, while letting in the sun to encourage heating. The best systems stop the transfer of hot and cold air in and out of the home with a break in the aluminum framing.


With double-glazed windows there are now two sheets of glass installed in the window frame creating that extra bit of warmth and comfort.


The best thing that homeowners can do for their health and comfort is to replace their timber window frames. This is done by working with their local window and door fabricator. They will come around and generally offer a free quote to measure and suggest what the best windows are for them. The fabricator will completely remove the old windows and insert new Aluminium window frames with double glazed glass. This alone will not keep your house better insulated but it is definitely the right way forward to ensuring that homeowners and their families remain warm and healthy throughout the coming winter.


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