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Eco Design Advisors

Eion Scott - Eco Design Advisor

Auckland City Council

Ph: (09) 353 9048

Fax: (09) 353 9184

Mob: 027 216 9240 

Building or renovating your house?

Need advice on environmental issues?

Here's an opportunity for you!


What is it?

A fantastic NEW and FREE service operating from eight Councils - Waitakere, Auckland, North Shore, Hamilton, Tauranga/Western Bay of Plenty, Kapiti Coast, Wellington, Nelson and Queenstown. The Eco Design Advisor is a specialist, providing free energy, water and material related advice on home building projects, to ensure better use is made of resources.



Why would I want environmental issues to be considered in my home?

To improve the health of your family, save you money on energy and water bills, and be more comfortable to live in. Having the added benefit of reducing your impact on the environment while having a more satisfying environment to live in...and perhaps even to increase the resale value of your house!



What issues can they provide advice on?

Your local Eco Design Advisor is able to provide you with independent, factual and practical building information:


  • Smart ideas on energy, water, and waste issues

  • Quick-start tips for your house-building project

  • Essentials on low carbon living


They have access to a large number of specialist design assistance tools, assessment methods and hardcopy all for free.



Where do they operate?

This service is currently only provided by eight Councils in New Zealand - but we we welcome inquiries from other Councils who may be interested.



Who is it for?

Both homeowners and building professionals working on home building projects. If you are an architect, you have the option of gaining 10 CPD credits for a 2 hour visit. Note that the service is currently only available to those living within the eight Council areas.



Who's behind the project?

This service is an initiative of BRANZ Ltd - NZ's independent research, testing, consultancy and information resource for the construction industry.


So, ring them, use them, bring them along with you and your group of people to our Solar Energy House and learn and then apply the knowledge in your home!

List Of Eco Design Advisors You Can Tap Into For FREE

Fred Braxton - Eco Design Advisor

Waitakere City Council

Ph: (09) 836 8000 ext 8886

Mob: 021 542 761 

For Hamilton City, phone (07) 838 6773 and leave a message for their EDA Ian Mayes. Alternatively, you can email Ian at: [email protected]


For Western Bay of Plenty + Tauranga District, phone Carsten Beetz at 07 5777 000 or 571 8008. Carsten is spending half his time there and half his time at Tauranga City Council. Alternatively, you can email [email protected]


For Kapiti Coast District, phone Richard Morrison at 04 296 4651. Alternatively, you can email Richard at: [email protected]


For Wellington City, phone Richard Morrison, Kapiti Coast EDA in the interim at 04 296 4651, while a replacement is being found.


For Nelson City Council, phone Richard Popenhagen 03 546 0251. You can email Richard at: [email protected]


For the Queenstown Lakes District, phone Jessica Eyers (Wanaka) or Christina Newnham (Queenstown) at 03 443 5057. Alternatively, you can email Jessica at: [email protected] and Christina at: [email protected]


North Shore Council's EDA has yet to start their position.


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