Modern 609m2 house with 4.5kW photovoltaics, solar hot water, wetback powering energy efficient appliances. Come and see!

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Nearly all the light bulbs are Philips compact fluorescents that fit into standard Halcyon downlights and wallwasher fittings. Simon chooses the Philips brand for reliability and because they have a natural warm colour effect.


The rest are halogen lamps with electronic ballasts, for dimmable mood-setting control. Cope is hoping to install as direction-finders along the hallway wall the LED lamps designed by ECOsystems for McDonald’s and featured in the previous issue of EnergyWise News. He’d also like to use them as outdoor garden lighting.

State house supports self-sufficiency

Visionaries or pragmatists? Simon and Kristina Cope have invested heavily in smart energy strategies for their Auckland home, but they expect it to pay its way.


Article by Cathy Sheenan - Editor for Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA - NZ Govt Dept)

Published in EnergyWiseNews Magazine Oct 2004 & updated in June 2009

Two 45kg Rockgas LPG cylinders standing outside the back door supply the stove, hob and barbeque.


Reticulated gas was available in the street, but the Copes wanted to avoid the daily charge associated with its supply. It’s a simple matter to swap a cylinder when the gas dwindles. The house uses around $5 dollars of gas a month.



The Danish Gram fridge and Elcold freezer are separate, with the freezer kept in the laundry. Both are low-energy electrical appliances with generous insulation. The dishwasher is a Bosch. The appliances aren’t new but came from the Copes’ previous house in Mt Roskill.


The Copes use a breadmaker most days and run a microwave and toaster.


They have a sophisticated computer system that includes a server for their business websites, four computers, a fax, laser printer, scanner, and PABX switchboard - and a security system. The computer monitors will be upgraded to lower-energy LCD screens when finances permit.



All rooms throughout the house and office are equipped with network wiring that enables computers / telephones / AV to be plugged in at various points, all coming back to a central star point / hub. Designed by Signet Technologies the system is extremely flexible and a must for a modern house in the 21st Century.


The house is wired for sound, with speakers in the ceilings of most rooms.

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Embodied energy


Where possible the Copes have chosen New Zealand-made building materials and...


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