Modern 609m2 house with 4.5kW photovoltaics, solar hot water, wetback powering energy efficient appliances. Come and see!

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Independent Power (NZ) Ltd - Supplier of the most

energy efficient fridge & freezers available in New Zealand!

Solar Energy House C/- Simon & Kristina Cope | 19 Manapau Street, Meadowbank, Auckland 1072  |  New Zealand  |  Contact us now to arrange your tour

When I first became involved in the solar renewable energy marketing here in New Zealand as an importer, reseller and user of PV modules back in the early 1990's the industry was full of 'cowboys' and the inhouse fighting was terrible! The crazy thing was they were all fighting each other to get the client's dollar - rather than working together to grow the market so there would be plently of business for EVERYONE...


Thankfully there was also a couple of sane guys in the industry as well... and Bruce Page of Independent Power (NZ) Ltd was one of them (the only one I could argue!). Having been around since 1982, and since around today says volumes about this guy and his company!


Bruce understood the need to:

* (1) provide reliable equipment cause 99% of clients where living in very remote locations

* (2) provide excellent after-service customer service - especially if a piece of equipment did break it usually meant NO electricity until it was repaired...

* (3) keep looking out for the BEST equipment (i.e. most energy efficient) in the international marketplace

* (4) provide all of the above at an affordable price via a dealer network throughout New Zealand so clients could get local knowledge & help


and he did just that (and continues to do just that!).

One of THE most important things he did (in my opinion anyway), was to research and find THE most energy efficient fridges and freezers made in the world (that also look good!).


We have never looked back when we sold the gas fridge and freezer and purchased an Elcold freezer and Gram fridge from Bruce at Independent Power in Auckland.



Are You Looking To Replace Your Fridge/Freezer?

If you are looking to replace your fridge or freezer in your home (regardless of whether you have solar PV modules on your roof or not!), then you should at least check out THE most energy efficient fridges and freezers in the world - that are available here in New Zealand and make a difference to your power bill (and the environment).


Check them out - make sure you say "hello" to Bruce from us here at the Solar Energy House.


You Will Find All Sorts Of Other Solar Related Products...

At Independent Power's showroom you will see lots of other renewable energy related products - solar PV modules, inverters, controllers, wind turbines etc... However - please don't waste Bruce and his team's time going through all of these electricity generation, control & storage devices UNLESS you are absolutely serious (i.e. have a minimum of $10,000+ to invest in your own electricity generation plant) - back in the 1990's I spent 1/2 my day educating people who walked into my showroom for 'free' - however it didn't help my business cause we made no money while I was standing there for hours on end (one of the lessons I learnt about running a business) - it is unfair and disrespectful of their time and knowledge. That is why we provide in-depth guided tours here at the Solar Energy House in Meadowbank for a fair price. Ask us the questions and then visit Bruce & the team at Independent Power in North Harbour, Auckland. Start small, purchase your new energy efficient fridge and / or freezer, and go from there!


Take a photo of the fridge installed and send it to us. We will make you famous and post the photo here on our website!


It is NOT an everyday occurence for people to admire a fridge! There is GOOD reasons to consider a Gram or Elcold fridge or freezer from Independent Power (NZ) Ltd - athestic pleasing to the eye + super energy efficient.


The photo shows one of the wide range of fridges that Independent Power brings into New Zealand for customers who want to significantly reduce their monthly electricity usage... What you won't find is a fridge with ice dispenser or cold water dispenser on the outside of the door - it may be convienent but is highly energy INEFFICIENT!