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We have created this site for a number of reasons:


1. To honor the companies / consultants who have helped make our house and office 'work'.


2. To enable you to contact these companies / consultants easily, and see a good example of their product(s) and service(s) in a completely unbiased

    manner (we didn't have to write about them here, nor give them any credit at all - the companies that are not written about on this site are the ones to



3. We are obviously proud of the way the house at 19 Manapau Street, Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand has turned out, and want to be able to

   give you the opportunity to learn from our experience(s).


4. To give you the opportunity to visit our house and office to see first hand how it all works together as an integrated whole - touch and feel the products etc.

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Questions asked by visitors to our home/office and to this website.


What is the cost of using energy efficient appliances and products in your premises?


Answer: Yikes, first question is very open ended! Lets start with something more manageable....


All of the products we have used are easily removeable. This means if we move house / do alterations, then we can easily 'unbolt' them, and take them with us / move them.


All of the products last for 5+ years, or in many cases 10-50+ years. This means they continue to save energy year after year after year, giving back to you the initial investment you made in them over and over again. Thus paying themselves off and putting money in your pocket over and over again.


For example the energy efficient light bulbs/lamps from Philips Lighting. 

These lamps last for 8,000 - 12,000 hours of continous use.

A standard incandescent light bulb lasts for maximum of 1,000 hours.


So immediately have extra 7,000 to 11,000 hours of use before having to replace one of them.


Therefore, convenience is first benefit.


Next, they use significantly less electricity to run. They generate light, rather than heat!

A 9 watt one will consume ~10 watts of energy every hour it is on.


Therefore in 100 hours one of them will use 1kW of power.


In New Zealand this will cost you NZD$0.12 cents. OK, its common cousin, the incandescent light bulb is rated at ~60 watts. It will only take 16 hours of running before it consumes 12 cents worth of electricity.


The energy efficient compact fluoro bulb uses less than 1/6 of the power of the filament bulb! This is a huge saving. The initial cost of the energy efficient bulb you ask - expecting it to be hundreds of dollars??? Around $5 dollars. The filament bulb? Around $0.50c.


Saving? You bet: Over the lifetime of the energy efficient bulb's life, it will payback the price of what you would have spent purchasing filament bulbs, plus put $1.00 in your pocket. Next it will then save you an additional $72.00 in your electricity bill compared to what the filament lamp would have cost you over its lifetime. In summary, one 9 watt energy efficient lamp over it's lifetime will save you ~NZD$73.00 in electricity! How many light bulbs have you got running in your house?? Surprisingly enough, 20% of your current electricity bill comes from lighting - how about slashing that by 1/6 overnight! (Say your current power bill is conservatively $100 a month, then you are paying around $20 of this for lighting. Make this only $3.50 a month by installing energy efficient lamps today!). Where do you purchase these from? Try your local supermarket shelf....


Yes, there are many examples like this for you to save money in your home or commercial premises.


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