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Filtering Our Water...

Even though we have a water tank, this is officially only allowed under Auckland City Council bylaws to be used to water the garden, flush the toilets and use in the laundry... and that is the way it is for now... somebody needs to do some more lobbying... but that is for another day...


Meanwhile, for drinking water we are using the reticulated mains water supply from the street... and to ensure it doesn't harm us, the local council supply authorities treat water with chlorine, a powerful oxidant, to remove biological contamination. On reaching our (and your) house the chlorine has no further value and can be detrimental to your health...


So we went looking for a solution to not only remove the chlorine (cause using a 1 micron filter will do that), we also wanted to soften the water also.... and that is where we stumbled upon a system made here in New Zealand (Tauranga in fact) that has has an inbuilt water ioniser (water ionizer) that is proving to give very interesting results....


This is my feedback to them:


“Having lived in the suburbs of Auckland city for all my life I have always drunk town supplied tap water...

As my wife and I built our dream house in Meadowbank we wanted to install a water tank to collect rainwater and minimise the use of town supplied water - initially from a pure money-saving point of view. Along our journey of researching the best/ideal products for our sustainably designed eco-house we came across Warren East and his KiwiPure water system.


It looked perfect for 'purifying' the town supplied water which by regulation we must use for drinking. There was a number of features & benefits of the KiwiPure system that made it stand-out from other water filters on the market that I also researched before deciding on going with KiwiPure:


1/ One central filter system, rather than one at each faucet where we wanted to drink from... with 3 bathrooms + kitchen that was going to be an mucky and expensive exercise - not just from an installation point of view (where do you squeeze that filter under the bench... let alone drill through the bench top to put that extra UGLY separate tap that takes a life-time to fill a jug of water with...), but also from annual cost of replacement of all those filters... to then find your local hardware store/agent is now stocking a different non-standard filter system...


2/ Mains pressure (i.e. ALL water in the house is now filtered - not just the drinking water)


3/ One set of filters to change periodically, rather than (in our case) 4 sets! This SAVES on money and hassle.


4/ Industry standard filter cartridges


5/ Water softening via state of the art ioniser - backed by independent scientific study. This is the interesting and UNIQUE part of the KiwiPure system which gives this system THE advantage over all of the others we looked into...


6/ No electricity required to run the system - i.e. No UV filter required which would ADD ~$17 dollars extra to your power bill EVERY MONTH (based on 24.762 cents per kWh charge)


7/ Compact design


8/ Guarantee it would work, or my money back


9/ Local (NZ wide) support


10/ Knowledgeable support!


11/ Measurable POSITIVE results for my family and I!



So the results we have observed have been very interesting:


a/ No taste of chlorine in the water - water tastes 'pure' when it comes out of the tap... but you really know it is pure, because you try this today... fill a glass at home from the tap and leave it to sit for a day, then take a drink of it... yuck! Now you can taste the chlorine... - NOT anymore with the KiwiPure system in place - it STILL tastes PURE and fresh!


b/ Less detergent used in the kitchen (dishwasher & hand washing)


c/ Don't need to use a separate wetting agent in the dishwasher anymore to minimise spotting (white milky marks left on glass)


d/ Less washing liquid used in the laundry to keep clothes just as white & clean (to our eyes) as previously required


e/ Less shampoo used in the shower to wash our hair


f/ Soap lathers up really fast and don't need as much to get yourself squeaky clean!


g/ Less 'spotting' (white milky marks left on chrome fittings & glass) in shower - i.e. easier to keep clean, and finally


h/ Our daughter, Isabella (13yrs) has had eczema all her life - and this has visibly gone away (i.e. her skin isn't red and blotchy anymore), and she isn't itchy and scratchy (her skin that is - she is still a teenager :-)


I highly recommend you talk to KiwiPure about getting one of their systems for your place. Once installed you forget about it. KiwiPure will remind you when the filter(s) are due for replacement.


They ship out a new set to you. The filters take 3 mins to replace (easy).


I reckon I will pay for the system within a couple of years and the ioniser comes with a 20 year warranty and the filter holder(s), brackets are all industrial standard grade so will also last this long (at least)!


We are very happy with the KiwiPure system and we voluntarily wrote the above because we are that pleased with the system!


Feel free to contact us any questions about the KiwiPure system you might have. We don't sell them - just use one and benefit from the results everyday!”


Simon, Kristina, Isabella and Zoe Cope


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