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Heat Recovery Ventilation i.e. Reduce Condensation, Reuse Heat From Roof Cavity & Delay Turning On Primary Heating System...

* to enable all windows and doors to be closed and the room's air is refreshed on a regular healthy basis.


* in summer to bring down temp inside the house during hot summer DAYS - regardless of whether someone is home or not so home is not 'stuffy', but pleasant (i.e. set to desired temp within reason)


* in summer to enable the system to cool DOWN the air temp inside the house throughout the NIGHT during hot barmy summer nights (if wanted)


* to be able to 'flush out' smells (eg. cooking fish) using the system


* in combination with double glazing and background hotwater radiator system to 99.99% eliminate condensation buildup in the space.


* in winter to use the hot air being generated in the ceiling space underneath the (black tin) roof to be pushed into the room to elevate the temp in there by 2-3 degrees or more if possible during the DAY.


* in winter near dusk, to be able to extract and use (if any) warmth in the ceiling cavity to delay the turning on of primary source of heating (eg. radiators)


* in winter IF fireplace is operating in separate 'Living' area, then have the potential to draw a % of this heat and push through heat exchange and then into separate apartment area to delay the turning on of primary source of heating (eg. radiators), or turn down temp these are set at. (i.e. energy efficiency).



But Which Company To Choose To Provide The System?

We then had a good look at the different offerings in the market place here in Auckland... CleanAire, DVS, Healthaire, HRV, Wiess (now Air Movement Solutions- AMS), MoistureMaster etc.


Out of all the companies, it was nigh impossible to fault them from a quality, customer service or performance point of view. (i.e. it doesn't leave much else apart from price)...


Even with price they were all pretty evenly matched - as long as you compare apples with apples - watch out for the comparison of apples with oranges! (.e.g. type of filter used / how many outlets, whether the unit is using 1 or 2 fans etc).


We are going to wait until we have built the extension (stage 2) and then see where we will put the outlets.

We are thinking of installing heat exchange / heat transfer unit for the following reasons:

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Condensation control and home ventilation have become a key element in achieving a healthy home environment.


A home ventilation system (HVS) is a compact unit which is mounted in the roof cavity of your home. The unit supplies controlled filtered air at low pressure, into the home from the outside. This air will have a lower moisture content than the air in to occupied part of the building. The system will contribute to eliminating the surface condensation in the home, by increasing the ventilation, which in turn has a dramatic effect on:



•Health of the occupants (by filtering the air)


We have made lots of heat in winter, have the ability to cool the house in summer using a summer vent on our home ventilation system...


But if the house is badly designed then we are going to waste excessive amounts of $$ and energy trying to heat / cool the house...


So lets' look at some of the design aspects Kristina Cope - registered architect and qualified interior designer took into consideration when first looking for our house, and then once found - how to renovate it for maximum sustainable energy generation, use and ENJOYMENT! Learn more >>