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Integrating Thin PV Amphorous Laminates Into Various Metal Roofing Profiles...

5. Module Design and Installation Examples

5-1 Batten Seam Roof  (power output=54Wp/m2)

Simple in both configuration and installation. Easy to inspect and replace a module after installation. PV module could work as heat collector too.

5-2 Stepped Roof (power output = 64 Wp/m2)

Photo shows the installation on the roof of PLEA Press Center in Kusiro, Japan. Good harmony with standard metal stepped roof element without PV which is sheathed together.

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Easy installation can be done just by snap in the module to C channel member. Easy to inspect and replace a module after installation. Maximum module length is 5.4m. (This is what Kristina & Simon Cope have on the roof of their place in Meadowbank, Auckland)

5-3 Flat Roof (power output=52Wp/m2)


Fig. 5 Batten and Seam Roof  -  Fig. 6 Stepped Roof

5-5 Carport (prototype; power output=53Wp/m2)

5-4 Highway Soundproof Wall (prototype; power output=62Wp/m2)

Fig 8 (top) shows the standard highway soundproof wall in Japan. PV modules are fixed by three different methods using dual surfae adhesive tape or screw or blind ribet. The evaluation is in progress by NEDO (New Energy And Industrail Technology Development Organisation) in Japan.

Fig 8 (bottom) shows another type of installation. 4m long PV panel is bent into triangle shape and screwed down to the top of soundproof wall.

PV panel is installed on the roof of commercially available carport. Quite simple installation: acrylic roof plate w simply replaced by PV panel with the dimension of 1300 x 840 mm. The radius of the panel is 3200 mm. The evaluation is in progress by NEDO (New Energy And Industrial Technology Development Organisation.

CarPortPVPanel AttachedToSoundBarrierWall HybridWithAirHeatCollector

Fig. 8 (top) and (bottom) Highway Soundproof Wall (prototype)

Fig. 9 Carport (prototype

5-7 Heat Collector Hybrid (prototype; power output=52Wp/m2)

5-6 Slide-In Type (prototype; power output=62Wp/m2)

PV module is placed in the heat collctor bx. PV module is bent into step shape in order to enhance heat transmissivity. Measurment of PV power output and heat collection s unerway on the roof of PLEA Press Center in Kusiro, Japan.

PV panels is installed just by sliding i C channel and by sliding fastener member in C channel. Time saving installation become more advantageous as the scale of PV array becomes large like PV power statio. Panel can be replaced easily.

Fig. 9 Integration WIth Air Heat Collector (prototype)

Fig. 10 Slide In Type (prototype)

6. Concluding Remarks

The amorphous silicon photovoltaic cell integrated roofing module was introduced. It has shown how easily this PV module can be integrated into an architecturally designed building thanks to the high compatibility with existing metal roof elements. Is is expected that this moduls would open a new metal roof age. To view an example one of these Canon solar PV roofing profiles in use in Auckland, New Zealand then contact Kristina and Simon Cope at the Solar Energy House today.

7. Acknowledgements

8. References

The authors [Kimitoshi FUKAW, Masahiro MORI, Shigenori ITOYAMA, Yuji INOUE, Takahiro MORI, Hitoshi TOMA, Isamu KAJITA and the Canon Inc. Ecology R/D Center in Kyoto Japan] gratefully acknowledge the involved people of Sanko Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. and of OM Solar Association for their cooperation works and also Mr. Eiichi Kondo, Director of Canon Inc. for his continuous assistance to our work.

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To learn more about the possibilities of how versatile this flexible solar PV laminate technology is, click here. If you want to see photos of a solar PV roof installation in Japan when Kristina and Simon Cope where in Japan click here.

FlatPVRoof FlatPVRoof1

Fig. 7 Flat Roof

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