Modern 609m2 house with 4.5kW photovoltaics, solar hot water, wetback powering energy efficient appliances. Come and see!

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Anybody got a spare $50,000 and we will be able to show you exactly what we want the kitchen to look like...


Unfortunately the kitchen will be the last place to get a 'make-over' in the solar energy house in Meadowbank, Auckland - however that doesn't stop us from first telling you who will be designing and installing it when we do have the money!...


Kevin Wright of Breeze Furniture will be handling the job as he designed and installed our bedroom ensuite and wardrobes to an exacting standard at really affordable price.


Breeze Furniture will also be outfitting the studio apartment above the double garage with shelving, kitchen, and bathroom. (More photos will appear as we complete these stages of the home :-)


Meanwhile, back to our kitchen... we currently use the SAME appliances we purchased when we first set up our solar powered home in Mt Roskill back in 1995...


On the RHS is our LPG stove / oven in our old house.

Next to it is our Bosch dishwasher.


Over on the LHS is our Gram fridge. We purchased all 3 appliances between 1994-1995.


As of July 2009 they are still performing to 100% of their original specs in our Meadowbank home.

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Back then these were THE most energy efficient appliances on the market in NZ, and yes these appliances were slightly more expensive that their counterparts... but now who's laughing?


The amount of energy savings these 3 have saved is massive!


To give you an example the dishwasher has saved us from buying over 23,000 litres of water in this time!!


The Gram fridge uses ~1/4 of the power consumption of its same cubic capacity NZ made model...

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