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BAN the Incandescent Light Bulb - Use Compact Fluoro or new LED Light Bulbs!

Your Choice; 50,000 Hours of 100 Watt Light By Using:


* 50 incandescent light bulbs @ $1088.50 + $64.00 = $1,152-50 cost to YOU,


* 8 compact fluoroscents @ $217-70 + $127.92 = $345-62 cost to YOU ($ + mercury poisioning) & the environment,


* 1 EarthLED [email protected] $141.51 + $110.49 = $252 cost to YOU (and did I mention no mercury, and 50,000 hours is 34 years! :-)


Bit of a 'no-brainer' in my opinion - save anywhere from $900 to $93.62 per bulb (i.e. in our house we will save a massive $36,000 dollars... Wait a minute! That is the cost of the PV solar on my roof - I can go purchase some more for that price!! (Or a new car!)  

As at 14 July 2009:

* Standard power price of NZD$21.77 c per 1kW unit

* 100 W incandescent light bulb at NZD$1.28 each

* 20 W Philips Compact fluoro bulb at NZD$15.99

* 13 W EarthLED bulb at NZD$110.49 each (Based on purchasing 8 bulbs + freight to NZ from USA: USD$407.99 = NZD$883.97)

This is exciting stuff! Finally there is available a RANGE of different LED based lamps / bulbs to directly replace nearly every single bulb in your house! From fluoroscent tubes (typically 4 or 5 foot long used in your garage / kitchen), through to bedside lights, to wall wash lights, to downlights, to floodlights for outside... Up to now these didn't exist, let alone easily purchase them and have them delivered to your door here in New Zealand.

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Watch the EvoLux 100 Watt Challenge Video

Below is Side-By-Side Examples Of LED (EvoLux) Lamp next to Compact Fluoro (CFL) next to Incandescent 100 Watt Lamp...

(NOTE: In New Zealand you cannot get a 13 watt CFL that puts out the same light as a 100 w - you need to purchase a 20 W version)

Concluding Remarks

LED based light bulbs in many different shapes and sizes that work in wide variety of voltages (110VAC to 240VAC to DC) are now commerically available at affordable prices... Is is expected that this will open a new light bulb age. To view examples of these LED light bulbs in use in Auckland, New Zealand then contact Kristina and Simon Cope at the Solar Energy House today.

To learn more about the possibilities of how versatile this LED light bulb technology is, click here.

Watch Editor-In-Chief Hank Green compare EvoLux against CFL and Incandescent Bulbs

100WIncandescentInDownLight 100WIncandescentInLamp Halycon_230VACHalogen_off Halycon_Compact_off EvoLuxInDownlight