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Rain Harvesting;- Collection, Filtration & Storage

As you have previously read, after finding out how much water is used in a typical house in winter by just 3 appliances, we knew we had to start collecting and reticulating rain water off our Auckland roof to use in the house!


When I was building stage 1 of the house back in ~2005, I had to import first divert units that integrate into your down-pipes from Australia - as they already knew how valuable rain water is - and how much a pest the mossie is! Thankfully, in 2009, Marley NZ have now partnered with the Australian group and have adapted / improved in some cases the Australian range of products :-)  


We then had to find a company to supply a water tank that could be buried, would last a long time, AND the water would taste nice! To learn more about Why We Used A Concrete Tank, please click here. We found Warkworth Tanks were extremely helpful and also made high quality concrete tanks!

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Look Inside A Well Made Concrete Tank - See The Difference - And Also See The Add-Ons That Enable Us To Drink The Water From This Tank - Even In The Middle Of The Suburbs Of Auckland...

On the RHS is the rain water inlet into the concrete water tank, via 'Marley Calmed Inlet'. This stops the rain water from stirring up any sediment that may build up over time in the bottom of the tank (especially if you haven't used 'Marley First Divert' systems on your down-pipes).


Talk about the process of looking at what bits needed to be used (leaf guard, rain heads, magnum, first diverts, and then reticulation etc

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Collection Surface - i.e. our roof

Auto-fill / Automatic Top-up Mechanism: We used Davey Pump's RainBank MkII way cool device!

Collection Gutters: We used Marley NZ's Magnum range - big, chunky and collects ANY water coming off our roof :-)

Collection Cistern

Gutter Protection: This could be a Leaf Guard product or similar. We don't need it here at our place as no tree is higher than our 2nd storey roof...

Rain Head Inlet Filter: We used Marley NZ's clever product where it has two mechanisms to stop mossies, leaves, mice, birds etc getting down into the tanks

First-flush Diverter

Water Level Indicator: We used Marley NZ's

Inlet Screen

Overflow Port: We used Marley NZ's vaccum kit +

Water Filter: We used

Pump: We used Davey Pump's