Modern 609m2 house with 4.5kW photovoltaics, solar hot water, wetback powering energy efficient appliances. Come and see!

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Products From New, it's founding leader, Kristina Cope, and her staff are committed to the following:


"I pledge allegiance, in my heart and soul, to the concepts of honesty, integrity, and quality in business. I recognize that the cornerstone of success is treating all stakeholders fairly, with compassion, and with a commitment to service. Working from abundance, I recognize that even my competitors can become important allies. I will not tolerate crooked practices in my business, from co-workers, direct or indirect reports, supervisors, managers, suppliers, or anyone else—and if I encounter such practices, I will refuse to go along with them and report them to appropriate authorities within and outside the company. I pledge to support the "triple bottom line" of environmental, social, and financial responsibility. And I pledge to participate in a serious effort to focus the business community on these principles, by sharing this message with all of our stakeholders (you - our customers, our manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and independent representatives here in New Zealand and throughout the world), at every opportunity I can."
















Our company, Products From New Zealand is working towards zero waste, providing a sustainable future for New Zealand, and encouraging our ten's of thousands of customers worldwide, to also be responsible with the packaging material we ship with all of our goods.


New Zealand is the first country in the world to have formally adopted Zero Waste.



The business case for waste minimisation is simple:


    * Waste is a cost, and cost reductions enhance the bottom line.

    * Becoming more efficient makes good business sense.

    * Waste equals lost profits.


When cardboard is mixed with other materials and sent to landfill it ends up costing a business about USD$200 per tonne, but when it is recycled it will only cost the business USD$20 per tonne. It costs around USD$500 to dump a tonne of screwed up paper (in rubbish bags), compared with USD$20-30 per tonne to recycle flat paper.



Embracing sustainability also means that Products From New Ltd will:


    * Be a responsible employer, ensuring we attract a committed workforce

    * Build community, supplier and regulatory relationships

    * Increase competitiveness through innovation



Triple Bottom Line...


This approach to business is often referred to as the 'Triple Bottom Line' or Sustainable Development Reporting (SDR).

(World Business Council for Sustainable Development).

It recognises that a better quality of life, for everyone, is dependent upon economic progress that is not harmful to the natural environment and the social fabric of society. As a foundation member of the 'Sustainable Business Network' (whose motto is 'Enabling business to flourish through sustainable practice'), Products From New is absolutely committed to these values and policies.


All packaging material is recycled...


To that end, you will typically find that the bubble-wrap / foam chips / polyethylene foam / packing peanuts etc that we ship our products carefully wrapped in is 'second-hand'. We take great pride in working with local importers to collect their packaging material, and then reuse it to send products from New Zealand to you. We encourage you to try and recycle the packaging you receive from us.

Recycling Recycling, Packaging & Carbon Neutral Policy For Our On-Site Business:

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We also recycle the endless number of laser printer cartridges, plastic bags/cling wrap that are used to ensure you get your purchase safely and in one piece!.


The majority of bubble & cling wrap used to package all items shipped by Products From New is 100% recycled and previously used already in other industries All of Products From New Letterhead / With Compliments slips are made from 100% recycled paper All Products From New cardboard outer boxes / packaging are made from 100% recycled paper, in addition to having being used once already in other industries All of Products From New printer cartridges are 100% recycled and refilled multiple times.



All of our electricity and heating needs are generated by the sun...


Products From New extensively uses energy efficient lamps throughout the office and all electrical power for our office is generated by the sun, using photovoltaic modules on the roof of our premises in a utility grid intertie setup. If we generate more electricity than we are currently using, our power meter spins backwards and gives us a credit to then use at night time, or when the day is cloudy and overcast.. This means we do not have environmentally un-sound batteries to maintain.


All our hot water needs are also provided by the sun, with hotwater radiators scattered throughout the office to provide a warm and toasty environment during those cold winter months...


This means that our office uses on average about 2kWh of electricity a day to run, whereas the average office of similar size and number of computers/ printers / servers etc would use around 5 times this much per day to operate.


All computer monitors are LCD display, and all machines are powered down every night to save power, and reduce 'phantom loading'.



Interested in visiting us to see our energy efficient set up?...


We have a regular stream of visitors to our office and home (over a 1000 people a year visit to see our 'Solar Energy Premises' because of these energy efficient methods of generating and using energy, so if you are coming to New Zealand, or already live here, and want to have a look, then please contact us to make a suitable time to view the Meadowbank, Auckland solar powered premises.

Recycling, Packaging & Carbon Neutral Policy...


From our premises here at 19 Manapau Street, Meadowbank, Auckland, New Zealand, we run our online business: Products From New


Products From New is an online store Kristina and Simon Cope created back in 2001 - the widest selection of quality, authentic New Zealand made, personal & corporate gifts, promotional marketing products, at wholesale & retail prices, covered by a 365 day money back warranty.

The premises of "Products From New", embraces our commitment to energy conservation and renewal; 100% of the office electricity is generated using solar electric modules (photovoltaics) on the roof, in combination with a separate solar hot water system to give piping hot water 365 days of the year. This is no back-country set up. We are based right within New Zealand's largest city - Auckland, close to the international airport, courier pick up depot etc. Our warehouse and office are fully equipped to handle a huge daily volume of enquires and orders, and ship them to clients throughout the world (85% of all orders are to customers in the USA and UK).

Auckland Harbour - New Zealand, home of Products From New

In March 2002 the 'Ministry for the Environment', New Zealand, released the National Waste Strategy: 'Towards Zero Waste and a Sustainable New Zealand'.

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