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Reticulation Of Rain Water ThroughOut The Home

Depending on where you live you will be governed by a city council with (probably) different rules of what you can do with your rain water. Here in Auckland City we are allowed to use it to water the garden, flush the toilet, laundry (washing machine) & that's about it... However, if you have followed everything I have recommended (you might want to come and visit us here at the Solar Energy House to get more indepth information), you of course can drink the water also! Lets NOT get into a discussion about the real reason why some councils don't want you to use the water for all your needs... OK?


Moving on... If you purchase a plastic tank then they sell you a 'connection kit' which screws into the (typically 50mm female) out-take hole at the bottom of the tank and the other end screws into the (typically 25 to 32mm female) input of the pump...


However, cause we wanted to use a concrete tank due to wanting to bury it, we found a complete lack of overall information from any one company so I will try and explain all. (Time to visit us?) I also didn't want to put a hole in the bottom of the tank for the out-take that was then 2+ metres below the surface of the ground... nothing like it rusting (yes stainless steel rusts) or leaking in 5 years time.... say no more!



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