Modern 609m2 house with 4.5kW photovoltaics, solar hot water, wetback powering energy efficient appliances. Come and see!

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Solar Energy House C/- Simon & Kristina Cope | 19 Manapau Street, Meadowbank, Auckland 1072  |  New Zealand  |  Contact us now to arrange your tour


This was an important and expensive part of our project. Nearly $100,000 worth of excavation, concrete and blockwork is being 'poured' into adding on this 200+ sq metre extension onto the Solar Energy House in Meadowbank, Auckland!


We needed to make sure we selected the RIGHT company to do the job!

Quentin Stevenson - Project Estimator (& Director) was the initial person we made initial contact with at Slab Specialists and he quickly gave us confidence in his team that they were the right team for our project. How you may ask?


First off, when he came on site and looked at our site drawings he immediately indentified 2 areas where he could save us over $20,000 worth of unnecessary blockwork! (That is a great savings on an initial quote of $100,000+)