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Insulation - Between Floors For Warmth & Sound Dampening...

Why Put Up With Noise Being Transferred From Upstairs To Downstairs In A Two Storey House?

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Exactly! Why put up with the noise of people running / walking or simply talking / playing music upstairs and the sound travelling through the floor into the space below!? By using 'QuietStuf' from Autex Industries we have dampened the sound being transferred either way (from downstairs to upstairs, or vice versa!).


As well as insulating all INTERNAL walls we have also reduced the noise that goes through the walls when you are playing music in one room, watching TV in another and quietly reading a book in another... or the kids are yelling at each other in one and you are trying to ignore them...


In the photo above you can see Dave, one of the great builders we had working for us installing battens ready for the gib to go on.


Next to his hand is the smoke alarm cable, and the QuietStuf insulation.


Of course all the insulation we specified had to be dust free, wouldn't cause any skin or other irritation and would not deriorate over time, has sound insulation as well as heat insulation properties, is unaffected by mould, mildew and rot and is resistant to vermin and insect attack! And there is a product that complys with all those specificiations - we were really happy with the service, price and performance we got from Autex - an excellent company to deal with!


This is photo looking from our dining room in through into the kitchen.


You can see the internal walls between the dining room and the kitchen fully insulated.


You can see the internal wall at the bottom of the stairwell with the rumpus room on the otherside...


You can also see the insulation in the ceiling space between the ground floor and our bedrooms above...


The PRIMARY reason for this insulation is for sound-proofing reasons.


You will also notice the black shealthed copper piping. This is for the radiators throughout the home keeping us warm and cosy.