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Rain, Rain, Go Away - Come Back Another Day!

(Not anymore - we now have a water tank!)

When we realised that three-quarters of ALL water we use in our Auckland home is in these areas: the shower, the washing machine and the toilet we guessed what the simplest way to save water was: INSTALL A WATER TANK!!


As part of the overall plans for the house we wanted to take advantage of the regular (too often!?) rainfall we get here in Auckland.


I must admit we got more rain when we lived in Mt Roskill (felt like it)... anyway, we wanted to at least harvest this rain, store it and then use it to water the garden, fill the toilet and the washing machine. One day we hope to also drink it as currently it is against the law to do so under Auckland City Council regs....

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So, once deciding that we wanted to install a tank, we then needed to see where we could locate it. We decided to partially bury it (see drawing below) and have it under the new deck we are putting in.... In conjunction with looking for a suitable location we also did a huge amount of research on how to collect the rain water prior to storing it in the tank, and also how to then get the rain water from the tank to the house/hose taps.


In addition to this we also needed to look at what should the tank be made out of!


Interestingly(?!) none of the tank / pump / rain harvesting companies could give us a detailed picture & specs of how it all goes together... so part of the research was to learn that process also. Fortunately for us we had 3 companies who wanted to really help us both understand rain harvesting and reticulation - they were George at Warkworth Concrete Tanks (water storage), Sean Waddell at Marley Products (rain harvesting), and All Pumps Ltd (water reticulation). Thanks guys!

We have decided to bury the water tank out of sight, out of mind... and this means concrete water tank is preferred. In addition, we didn't want the taste of the water to be tainted by plastic, fibreglass or any other medium which one again brings us back to the conclusion that concrete water tank is the best solution... We also had space constraints and didn't want to have outlet (draw-off) from a pipe at the bottom of the tank... so customisation was the best solution... all of these points lead us to choose Warkworth Tanks as our manufacturer and supplier. (Turned out to be an excellent choice! phew!)

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