Modern 609m2 house with 4.5kW photovoltaics, solar hot water, wetback powering energy efficient appliances. Come and see!

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Videos About Solar PV

How Does Solar Electicity Work?

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Solar Energy House C/- Simon & Kristina Cope | 19 Manapau Street, Meadowbank, Auckland 1072  |  New Zealand  |  Contact us now to arrange your tour

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Siemens Solar Industries Video About Bring Solar PV to Earth For Use By You & I: Residential Thru To Commercial Applications.

Simon was trained by Siemens Solar when his company represented their products in New Zealand for 20+ years.

Following Is A Short Video About Canon Inc (Japan) And Their Joint Venture With UniSolar Inc To Make Cost Effective High Performance PV Solar Electic Modules

Campbell Live (TV3) with 286,000 viewers watched this story on the rapidly rising electricity prices in New Zealand and how Simon and Kristina Cope are actively doing something to reduce their power bill TODAY. (Currently paying $26/month in 2013)

Campbell Live Interviews Simon Cope On How They Only Have A $26/Month Electricity Bill (and $5/month LPG gas)...