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Like all customers, we wanted something a little different! We had a limited space we wanted to fit the biggest size water tank into it... didn't matter whether it was made of plastic, fibreglass or concrete.... interestingly enough we believe we got the best of both worlds...


The biggest tank that fitted in our space is an oval tank... and it happened to be made of concrete - which is an added bonus cause it keeps the rain water at the perfect pH for drinking and welfare of our copper pipes... and means we can partially bury the concrete tank for offsetting water needs on the property.  (It will have a wooden deck over the top).


It was one thing to find a tank manufacturer, and another to find the rain harvesting equipment... - but marrying them together successfully was not possible without the expertise of George Thompson at Warkworth Tanks, and the help of Sean Waddell at Marley NZ.



Why Did We Pick Warkworth Tanks To Purchase Our Concrete Water Tank From?

Well, apart from the fact that I realised they had the tank size we required, I am a firm believer in working with people that care about the customer... so I picked up the phone and rang Warkworth Tanks...


George and Glenda at Warkworth Tanks run one of those businesses that used to exist in the old days... you know the type - customer is King.... nothing is too much of a hassle, down to earth folk who aren't out to rip you off, and freely give their knowledge on the understanding that givers gain...

They were the obvious company to purchase our rain water tank from, and Kristina and I encourage you to also work with them when you do your water tank system! Then when I talked to George about the various holes I needed in the tank he got me to send him the bits and he did a real professional job cementing them in place ready for me to connect up. (See video).

SpecsOnWaterTank640W tank-water-in-use-sign

"Who Else Wants A Water Tank For Their Property That Will Last For Decades & Won't Taint The Taste?"

Warkworth Tanks make concrete tanks to order, and are also resellers for Humes Pipe systems as well as an agent for Baileys plastic tanks.


They carry a wide range of Humes products in their yard and will happily  source any of their products if they have run out of stock!

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