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Wonder Where The Water You Use Goes To In Your House? How To Cut It Down In Size?

Five Winter Water Saving Tips

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In winter, three-quarters of the water you use at home is in just three areas: the shower, the washing machine  and the toilet. So guess what's the simplest way to save water? Right! Focus on these areas.


Here are five simple tips that could make a big difference:

1. Take a "power shower"

Showers can account for over a third of houshold water use in winter. Every minute less in the shower can save a buchet of water. And it'll cut down your power bill.

3. Go all the way in the laundry

Full loads of washing use less water and less power. Can't wait for a full load? Then be sure to select the right water level for your load!

5. Shop with the stars

If you're replacing an old washing machine, toilet or shower, choose appliances with a water efficiency rating of 4 stars of more. They'll save you a lot of money in the long term.

4. Use half measures in the loo / toilet

Using the half flush button saves up to five litres of water per flush.

2. Use your (shower) head

If the flow in your shower is more than 10 litres a minute, consider a water efficient showerhead (around $ 100 at your local hardware store). If you shower for five minutes, you'll save about 15c a shower in water/wastewater charges and about 18c in power*. That's about $ 120 per person each year! To measure your shower flow, hold a 10 litre bucket under the shower for a minute.

*BRANZ Household Energy End-use Project report (2003).

Saving recalculated at current Metrowater / Mercury Energy pricing.

BRANZ AucklandWater

34%: Shower

23%: Washing Machine

18%: Toilet

16%: Tap (washing dishes, drinking water etc)

  6%: Garden Tap / washing car etc

  2%: Bath

  1%: Dishwasher


This is the winter usage for a typical Auckland household. Notice how three-quarters of the water is used in just 3 places! if you have a swimming pool, a large garden or prefer baths to showers, the figures for your household may be different.


Now you know where you use water in your house, do you want to harvest your rain water using specialist products from Marley, and then store your rain water in a water tank made by Warkworth Tanks? If so, click on the respective links to learn more!