Modern 609m2 house with 4.5kW photovoltaics, solar hot water, wetback powering energy efficient appliances. Come and see!

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What People Say When They Visit The Solar Energy House..

Following Is Unedited Feedback From Students (Primary & Secondary School), And Individuals (Architects, Domestic & Commercial Property Developers), Builders, Home Owners Looking To Build From Scratch, To Home Owners Doing A Renovation On Their Home Who Have Visited The Solar Energy House In Meadowbank, Auckland...

"Thank you for letting us in your house and showing us the special features of your house.


I enjoyed going up in the attic and looking at the solar panels on your house it was so cool! And your appliances in your kitchen and you cat....


What I learned from your solar powered house is that you can use your own electricity from the sun, and it you have too much you can give it to the National Grid and thanks for all that."




"Thank you for taking up your time to let us come inside your house and showing us around your house.


My favourite part of the tour of your house was going up to the attic and seeing the big cylinder that could hold a hot lot of hot water.


I learnt that the solar panels take the electricity and store it in a big big battery."





"Thank you for letting us see your house. It was amazing and very interesting.  I've never seen a Solar House before.


I really liked the attic and all the wires are really complacited, but the boiler was amazing and who knows that you could save so much money on bills.


I learnt that when it is hotter outside the boiler turns on and when it is hotter inside the boiler stops.




"Thank you for letting froom 8 come into your house. It was really cool how we got to see all the different parts in your house unlike our houses.


I really enjoyed going up into the basement. It was a bit warmer up there than the rest of the house. It was really funny when another group wanted to come up and I told them No then I shut the little trap door on them, that made them go away.


When I was at your house I learnt what all the colourful wires were for, how you fridge and frizzer has extra thickness and all your food in the frizzer will last up to three days unlike ours we would be luckey if our food would last one day.




"Thank you for inviting  and showing us round your house.


I thought your attic was most interesting with all the different pipes and wires. I also thought that the two different solar panels were great.


I really liked learing about living in a solar powered house and I think you have inspired most of us.



"Thank you for letting me visit your house to see the solar panels and the energy efficient appliances.


The thing I enjoyed the most was the attic and the solar panels. The most interesting thing was the attic with all those wires and pipes.


A new thing I learnt was the photovoltaic panels.





"Thank you so much for inviting all of us to your solar powered house!


I enjoed the attic the most and I also find how you can push all your extra eletricity onto the grid and if you don't have enough eleticity you can hopefully be able to collect more eletricity, the most interesting.


I learnt that if it is wormer outside then you can heat up water and also you can heat it up using the fireplace.




PS I wish your future project/s the best!!"



"Thank you for letting the year 6 students come to your wonderful house. I enjoyed going to the attic.


I found most interesting was your solar power roof. I learnt if you have a solar power house it dose not cost and alot of electricity bill.



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"Thanks so much for your time this morning and for showing us your beautiful home. There have been a lot of discussions here between ourselves and the rest of the team about both our own homes and the ways in which the technologies can be incorporated into the commercial projects we are currently undertaking. I don’t think some of the team (the customer services guys for example) had realised the potential for retrofit into their own places. I think I’m going to be asked a lot of questions over the next few weeks!

Oh, and if you should decide to sell… you know my number!"

Kindest regards

Ruth Williams Ph.D.

Façade Engineer - Fletcher Aluminium